Figuring Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

There is the the price for the machine and the price for the service and supplies (paper, staples, toner and electricity, etc.).

What if I told you that you'd spend as much on the toner as you do the $7,000 machine over 5 yrs?

Your Copier's Total Cost of Ownership

The average multi-function printer/copier/scanner/fax is around $7500 if paid for in cash. On a 60 month lease, it would be $150/mo or $9000. When you add in 10,000 copies a month at $0.01 per copy for service and toner over 60 mos, that’s another $6000!

$9000 (copier) + $6000 (service) = $15,000 (TCO)

Again, what happened to that “great deal” you got from your copier rep?

So your TCO is figured like this:

TCO = Copier Price + Leasing Costs + Cost for Service

So Let Me Ask You…What is More Expensive Than Your Paper Flow?

What in your entire office is more expensive than your copier along with all you spend on toner, service and paper?

There is no server or computer or desk that cost that much! Maybe not even your light bill, or security bill, or pest control bill etc.

Really - stop and think about this for a moment: you are an administrator – a paper pusher! You invest more in your paper flow than maybe anything else in your office.

Therefore, you need to think about all the ways you can make this more efficient.

My Recommendation

1) Sign up for the free tips or just buy the entire book. You will amazed at all of the wisdom packed into such a small space!
2) Also, go to our Resource page to download a TCO calculator to enter in your info to find your true, current TCO.


On This Page, You Learned...
1) You spend double on your service plan than you do on the copier often times.
2) You MUST pay attention to your cpc. That fraction of a penny can really add up!
3) Your copier and service plan will often be the most expensive thing in your office!
4) Figure your own TCO using our TCO calculator.


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