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Our best-selling, hands-on, real-world, easy-to-skim, "here's how you don't get hustled," buyer's guide will save you thousands of dollars (seriously!) and is sold in PDF format for just $19.95. Start learning about the copier games now!

"I don't care which copier you buy…

I just want to expose all the
tricks, traps & gotcha's of the copier trade so that you can discover the hustle that begins just as soon as you call your sales rep. This way you can beat him at his own game, knowing each move before he makes it.

"No matter how long you've been buying office machines - I bet you don't know the dirty little secrets to the copier trade. If you like to be a cunning and thrifty shopper, then this buyer's guide is for you."
Brady Spencer, author & consumer advocate

The Strategy

The simple fact is this:
The copier biz is

And the deck is stacked against you, the buyer, unless you know their tricks.

Price Games

There is an age-old battle between buyers and sellers.

While you probably just want a good copier at a good price, the rep has a boss/spouse to please.

Service Games

Service and toner terms are the costliest part of the deal.

You thought the costliest part was the copier price and lease terms? Nope.

Lease Games

Like it or not, there is a sleazy lease game being played.

You must get your copier deal financed, but don't want to get taken, right? Is this even possible?

Who Is Brady Spencer?

Brady is something of a serial entrepreneur. One of his passions is consumer advocacy. Hustlewise was birthed out of that passion.

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How This Site Is Different

There are dozens of sites that will help you figure out which copier to buy, but none of them - literally - none of them expose the tricks to the price, lease and service games. We do.